Fashionable Style Tips For Residents Of Ohio

Being yourself, but being critical of your appearance is very important. This knowledge will lead to the fact that you will buy clothes in size and try to choose only those things that will emphasize your figure, creating the right proportions. This applies to the choice of color palette – you need to know precisely which shades are right for you. This season the most fashionable colors: fuchsia, lilac, the colors of the autumn forest – yellow, dark green, brown, a combination of black and red, pastel shades.


White shirt, pencil skirt, classic trousers, suit – this is the best investment in the wardrobe. Concise and straightforward things will always be saved in a minute when you think you have nothing to wear, and also help in creating a multitude of images: you can wear classical trousers with a leather jacket, and a pencil skirt with a futuristic coat with a metallic tint or a black blazer with a knitted dress -food and sneakers.


Always try to choose the size of things to your type of figure. Girls of size plus size should give preference to volumetric bags, large prints on fabrics, wide belts and so on, and slim girls should do the opposite. The only exception is the overlook style. It does not require exact observance of proportionality, but, on the contrary, welcomes clothes as if by a size larger.

Ideal lines

There is nothing worse than a poorly seated thing. No matter how expensive it may be. However you like it, if the clothes do not look like a “second skin,” then it will not paint you at all. This problem is easily solved if you take the item you liked in the atelier and decide for yourself. Rogov advises doing this with almost all things to achieve an ideal fit in the figure.

This is a real-life ring for ladies who are not sure of the flawlessness of their taste. When the wardrobe is already bursting with dozens of unnecessary things, and there is still nothing to put on, when new assaults of clothing stores no longer bring self-confidence and their attractiveness, the wise advice of a fashion columnist will come to the rescue!

Fashion Tips

The first thing you need to start building an ideal image is to create an essential wardrobe. In one of the TV programs, the famous fashion expert voiced 25 basic garments that will suit everyone literally.


  • Cashmere coat of classic cut. Better beige.
  • Cardigan (cardigan) of universal color: black, gray or beige.
  • Cloak-trench beige or khaki.
  • Ordinary white T-shirt with shoulder straps.
  • T-shirt (with a sleeve).
  • The vest.
  • White shirt, in a cut like a man’s shirt.
  • Jeans of a dark blue hue.


  • Shoes with beige or black studs.
  • Beige or black ballet flats.
  • Sandals.
  • Beige moccasins or sneakers for every day.


Your age is your own business. The very mention of his years in society is not worth it. Think of a 40 year old contractor remodels home. Forget the phrase “at my age …”!

Legs – go! If you have slender and even legs, do not hide them! Ultra-mini in adulthood, of course, too, but choose a skirt to the knees will be entirely appropriate.

Bauli down! Unnecessarily large bags look sloppy. Do not drag around with a bunch of unnecessary things: choose the essential and put in a small clutch.

Be higher! Miniature ladies are advised to use heels actively. Visually increase the growth and shortened pants.

Feeling of a measure in make-up and manicure. Often, women are too fond of bright shadows and lipstick, draw on the nails gzhel. Fashion experts advise you to take care of yourself but do not resort to pretentious tones. On pins it is better to apply pastel colors of varnish it is possible for the French manicure. Make-up should also look as natural as possible.

In any situation, you will be saved by a sense of style: think is this thing appropriate in this situation? If there are any doubts, it is better to give up excessive vulgarity.